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Why Minterest is holding a community allocation event?

"For smaller supporters allocation is often an impossible dream. IDOs for example, are not intended as key fund-raising events either, but instead they are low cost community building exercises. Usually, the community around an IDO platform piles into the project chasing tiny allocations which they almost never receive. The smaller participant shares a very common frustration; being promised much and delivered little". More details can be found here -

Minterest Public Distribution (CAE and LBP)

Minterest’s public distribution that will occur in two distinct phases:
  • Phase 1: Community Allocation Event
  • Phase 2: LBP Token Event (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool)

How to participate in the Minterest Community Allocation Event

You can participate in the Minterest Community Allocation Event by completing the two steps:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Depositing funds in the CAE 2
More details can be found here -

The Next Level Minterest APY Boost NFT lottery: Here's what's Inside!

The NFTs are designed to incentivise investors with large TVL and to foster long-term loyalty. The NFTs will give the top level investors the ability to earn up to 50% more APY for a three-year period on unlimited TVL. For the largest professional users, this NFT unlocks protocol functionality that can result in millions of dollars of additional rewards. Further, the NFTs work as “keys” to exclusive protocol functionality, e.g. early access to the protocol beta launch.
More details can be found here -
Introducing the Minterest NFT gallery, representing blockchain’s Top 100 most influential in people in its history.
The introduction of Bitcoin and the new technologies it spawned could not have happened without the commitment of a diverse community of people and which does include some of the world’s most brilliant minds.
This is Minterest's way to acknowledge them and also Minterest’s ever-growing village of supporters whose support means Minterest too will have its small part to play in blockchain’s extraordinary and still evolving story. Minterest NFTs are rewards earned for financial participation in Minterest’s future.
Each level of NFT has specific reward attributes it provides its holder, with the highest rewards starting at Level 1, given this is unquestionably blockchain’s most influential person, its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.
More details can be found here: