Minterest’s Tokenomics includes a total MNT token supply of 100,000,030 MNT which begin emitting block-by-block upon the launch of the protocol during its Private Launch. The unlocking process is smooth, with no sudden tranches of tokens being released. The Minterest protocol’s tokenomics structure has been designed to align incentives across all stakeholders, with the longevity of the Minterest protocol being top of mind.

Emission Rewards

50,032,400 MNT tokens (50.03%) are allocated over 5 years as the Emission Rewards provided to liquidity providers.

Private Offering

Early supporters will receive 12,501,000 MNT tokens (12.50%) vested block-by-block over 1 year. The Minterest protocol is structured to allow early supporters to easily auto-stake tokens unlocking from the vesting contract into the protocol’s governance processes to immediately generate substantial APY from the Buyback process from the Private Launch.

LBP Distribution

5,000,500 MNT tokens (5.00%) will unlock immediately during the Private Launch for participants of the Minterest LBP.

Business Development

3,000,000 MNT tokens (3.00%) unlock immediately during the Private Launch to enable liquidity provisions for business development across DEXs and CEXs.

Strategic Partners

2,449,250 MNT tokens (2.45%) are allocated to advisors and strategic partners and unlocked block-by-block over 2 years.


1,000,000 MNT tokens (1.00%) are allocated for marketing-related activities and unlocked block-by-block over 2 years.


4,499,800 MNT tokens (4.50%) are allocated for continued growth of the Minterest protocol across a series of possible uses such as grants or partnership development, and unlock block-by-block over 4 years.


21,517,000 MNT tokens (21.52%) are allocated to the team developing the Minterest protocol, and unlock block-by-block over 5 years. Approximately 6,000,000 MNT are allocated to be exclusively staked in the protocol’s governance processes and are not intended to be traded. The intention is instead to use proceeds generated from Minterest’s Buy Back for the continued development and upkeep of the protocol and ensure an alignment of incentives which enables attracting and retaining world-class personnel over the long-term.
Brief from Josh, CEO at Minterest.