Minterest Docs

Introducing Minterest

Authors: Josh Rogers, Denis Romanovsky, Matthew Niemerg
Minterest is a decentralised lending protocol. It comes with a unique economic model where the protocol itself captures 100% of the value created from its functions, including interest, flash loan, and auto-liquidation fees. This value is exchanged via an automated Buy Back process for its native MNT token which is then distributed to its users in return for their participation in the protocol’s governance.
Minterest therefore is designed and built to give the maximum benefit to those who create its value - its community of users.
Minterest’s feature innovations revolve around breakthroughs in two key aspects of lending protocol model architecture, each fundamental to ensuring the protocol’s ability to be valuable to its users, value capture and liquidity mining. It fulfils these with feature innovations like auto-liquidation, automated Buy Back, financial loyalty rewards for long-term active governance participation, and user-centric portfolio analysis tools that assist users with risk management insights.
The protocol’s model architecture generates network effects more powerful than those of sector incumbents, allowing it to sustainably compete. Importantly, these network effects do something unique; they enable the delivery of the highest long-term yield compared to other sector leading lending protocols.
This document outlines the various mechanics of the Minterest protocol whose innovations are intended to contribute to the development of DeFi and the blockchain economy overall.
Appendices will detail the economic modelling of the underlying asset pool and Minterest Loyalty Rewards, plus a schedule of API calls enabling users to interact directly with the Minterest protocol, all of which will be published subsequent to this whitepaper and prior to launch.
Brief from Josh, CEO at Minterest.