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Minterest NFTs
Minterest NFTs have functional utility, meaning they enable the holder to interact with the protocol in ways that deliver benefits through their holding of an NFT. Each NFT is unique and has specific benefits that are only provided to its holder.
With limited exceptions and primarily relating to earlier Minterest fund raising activities, NFTs will be issued to participants of the Minterest Next Level public token event as per its terms and conditions.

NFT Composition

Minterest is issuing up to 3000 NFTs across 12 different rarity levels, with each NFT represented by 1 of 100 unique images. The rarer the NFT level, the fewer the number of copies of each image, the higher the Emission Boost, and the longer the period of validity.
Participants in the Minterest Next Level token event have the opportunity to be beneficiaries of Minterest NFTs. The level of NFT received is based upon the proportion of total amount of net USD acquisition of MNT tokens in the Next Level LBP Token Event compared to other participants. For the purposes of clarity, this means the greatest net amount spent will be the beneficiary of the rarest Minterest NFT, known as the Satoshi, and of which there is only one. The second to tenth largest amounts spent will receive a level 2 NFT, of which there are only 3 copies of 3 images, being nine in total, and so on, with the amount spent correlated to tiered levels of NFT scarcity, where higher levels have higher NFT Emission Boosts and longer terms before expiry.
Brief from Josh, CEO at Minterest.
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