Which blockchain network will Minterest be running on?

04.22 UPDATE: Due to significant market support to prioritise Ethereum as the protocol’s launch network, we are launching on Ethereum first. We will launch on Moonbeam and other EVM compatible networks later, as part of the protocol’s multi-chain roadmap.
Minterest is prioritising the Ethereum launch because it still remains the dominant smart contract platform for developers, with some of the key benefits being:
  • More secure
  • More familiar and a larger community
  • More sustainable
  • High TVL and liquidity
Last year, the protocol’s underlying technology stack was redesigned, switching from Substrate to Solidity. This provided the protocol with the greatest possible flexibility in its launch options, and by doing so, it has allowed for this current re-prioritisation in the protocol’s multi-chain roadmap. By launching on Ethereum first, Minterest will have access to greater launch liquidity which will fast track its multi-chain strategy.

What tech was used to build the protocol?

The protocol is written in Solidity. The UI is created using React framework. There are other system-critical off-chain services (like a solvency check bot and risk management module) which are written in Python and Node.js.

When will Minterest’s testnet go live and Github repos be made public?

This will occur shortly after the protocol completes the first phase of its audit process which starts soon. Minterest’s audit firms are commonly regarded the best in the business, and once the first phase is complete the test net will go live and Minterest’s Github will be publicly available.
Minterest’s bug bounty program is also being developed and is intended to be substantial, and so encouraging its community to actively participate in its security and ongoing development.

Will the protocol be audited?

The Minterest protocol will be audited by highly regarded auditors in the blockchain space prior to its early access phase, underpinning network security and providing users the confidence required to fully participate.