What is Minterest?

Minterest is a DeFi lending protocol that introduces numerous technological innovations but does so to impact two things fundamental to success; value capture and liquidity mining.
Minterest captures 100% of the fee value created from its activity, which includes interest rate fees, and auto-liquidation fees, via the protocol’s auto-liquidation process i.e. this is not lost to external parties, plus flash loan fees when governance processes enable these post launch.
Minterest automatically exchanges this captured fee income for MNT tokens on-market and then distributes these to users who participate in governance processes. It means Minterest does something unique; the value of its native MNT token is correlated with the supply of its liquidity. Why does this matter? Because the more liquidity the protocol attracts the more borrowing can occur, which creates more value captured from fees to spend on the MNT buyback, which obviously positively impacts the value of MNT, which in turn is instrumental in attracting more liquidity.
In short, increased liquidity is correlated to increasing the value of MNT and increasing the value of MNT is correlated to increasing liquidity. Such self-reinforcing architecture creates a very powerful flywheel effect, which exists in some traditional technology companies but has not yet been developed in DeFi models.
Brief from Josh, CEO at Minterest.

Who is the team behind Minterest?

Josh Rogers is the founder and CEO at Minterest. Josh is a serial technology entrepreneur with a 25 year career as a founder and/or major participant in multiple startup teams. These include, the world’s largest freelancing marketplace and HeyYou, Australia's largest cafe app.
The management team includes seasoned professionals having 50+ years of combined experience in blockchain and digital platforms. The team, together with world class advisors, has generated billions in enterprise value across numerous sectors.
We currently have a full-time engineering team of 16, dedicated operations team of 5 and a marketing team of 6.

Where is Minterest incorporated?

Minterest Labs is a services company based in Estonia and currently building the Minterest protocol.
To learn more about Minterest, check out this video from our CEO Josh Rogers.

Who are the investors behind Minterest?

KR1: KR1 PLC is listed on London’s AQSE Exchange and is a leading European digital asset investment company focused on decentralised and open-source blockchain networks. The company has many foundational projects including Moonbeam, Acala, HydraDX, Astar and Kusama
DIGISTRATS: DigiStrats support top crypto projects both financially and through high-touch tactical support. Their advisory capabilities include structuring tokenomics and securities regulations expertise, PR support and global content distribution with influencers from Brazil to Korea. Their portfolio includes Polymath, Casper Labs, 0x,Hedera Hashgraph and Kylin.
DFG: Digital Finance Group is a global blockchain and digital asset investment firm. Founded in 2015, it manages investments in excess of 1bn AUM, investing in numerous leading blockchain companies including LedgerX, Bloq Circle, and Ripio, among others.
CMS: CMS is a principal investment firm focused on investments in the crypto-asset ecosystem, seeking to deploy capital in crypto tokens, as well as equity stakes in companies such as Solana, Oxygen, Messari and SynFutures.
Bitscale Capital: Bitscale Capital is an investment firm based in Switzerland. The team specialises in blockchain, with a portfolio of more than 80 projects. Its investment focus is varied and includes cybersecurity, blockchain startups and NFT related projects. They also have considerable expertise in scalable infrastructure.
To learn more about our investors, head over to the investor section of our blog:!/tfeeds/507712053931/c/Investors