Minterest NFTs enable holders to receive NFT Rewards. NFT Rewards are a set percentage of a user’s Standard Rewards. Each NFT is unique and benefits only its holder, with the percentage of Standard Rewards determined by its tier as detailed in the table below. NFTs also allow access rights to Minterest’s Private Launch.
NFT Rewards initiate at Minterest’s Public Launch and are earned until the expiry date determined by the NFT tier. Where more than one NFT is held in the same wallet the protocol assigns NFT Rewards for the highest-tiered NFT only.
NFTs are issued across 12 different tiers of rarity, with each NFT represented by 1 of 100 unique images. Rarer NFTs have fewer copies of each image and have higher Rewards Boosts and longer validity periods.
Users can trade NFTs with other users via online markets or by directly interacting with the corresponding smart contracts. Transferring NFTs transfers ownership of the corresponding boost, with previously earned MNT retained by the original owner.

NFT Allocation